These are (some of the many) Parts I Love

Things are getting real! There are tidy and parallel cascades of conduit – precisely angled and placed – running up and across the grain silo. The huge wires have been pulled in to the transformer and terminated. Lights and receptacles are wired up and in place. Now, our team has been pulling in the smaller wires and hooking them up. I love this process because it’s satisfying to see the end product so near. My last couple days have been spent “fishing” and terminating wires. I can’t believe in this year of 2012, with all the technological advantages that have been discovered and created, we resort to such old-school and brutish methods!

Have you ever contemplated how all the insulated rainbow spaghetti gets stuffed into the pipes? We use a three-step process that reminds me of playing telephone with cans and string: Read the rest of this entry »