Feeding the Awe

When I was about 10 years old, I played in the newly constructed houses in our neighborhood. It was a magical time when I could walk through walls and imagine how each house would evolve. The most magical afternoons were the times I found “coins” like these:Image

Depending on the afternoon, these could be magical wishing coins, powerful healing tokens given to an imaginary sorceress, or the means to be ridiculously rich. Read the rest of this entry »


New Lenses

Now that I have survived my first work assignment, I see things around me differently. We were in a swank restaurant not too long ago: the chef and sous-chefs were named at the bottom of the menu and the décor had been carefully assembled. Beer that would normally cost about $5 was now $8. The rustic wood ceiling complemented the custom lighting just-so and the beams were exposed. Oh, but if Marge thought I had installed the metal clad cable, I would have been yelled at for sure. Read the rest of this entry »

Bubbling Drama: The Theater of Teams, Tools and Material

Yesterday was my last day on this project. The thinning of the crew started a couple days ago – as evidenced by the shop manager showing up and “talking with the guys.” Chet was stressed. It was unclear whether he’d have to catch a new job via the union hall or whether our company would keep him and dispatch him to a different job site. During our break, he earnestly asked Marge what she’d heard and whether she thought the company was busy enough to keep him. I never got my “talk with the guys” when the manager came in looking for Chet. He’d arrived right as I was seven feet up, finishing another fluorescent fixture. My upper body was grubby because I’d completely swabbed the top of a duct with my arms and my shirt. Read the rest of this entry »